Ethical social media

We’re doing things differently. We will never sell your data, which means we don’t need sneaky tactics to get you addicted to our platform.

We’ll be lauching the beta version soon, and need testers. Help us build something great!


Troo is the product, not you

What you do online is your business. We’re here to help you do it, and keep you safe, without spying or logging every move you make. You will always be in complete control of what you want to share, and what you don’t. To us, you’re more than just “data”.

Healthier, more human

We want you to use Troo only when and how you want to. Not selling data means no harmful algorithms meant to keep you glued to your screen, no meaningless notifications meant to suck you in, and you won’t be bombarded with numbers that can make you feel insecure. We’re focused on real connection, not “engagement.”

Make empathy go viral

Most platforms make it easy to get stuck in a “filter bubble,” only seeing things that affirm your opinions, right or wrong. We want to expand that worldview, and amplify the voices of those who have traditionally been silenced or suppressed.

With safety comes empowerment, and we want you to feel comfortable sharing who you are now, while growing into who you want to be.

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