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Our vision

Troo is a platform that aims to inspire the community to come together and support each other.

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You are not a number

At Troo, privacy is the default setting. What you do online is your business. We’re here to help you do it, and keep you safe, without spying or logging every move you make. You will always be in complete control of what you want to share, and what you don’t.

The problem

“Although there are important benefits, social media can also provide platforms for bullying and exclusion, unrealistic expectations about body image and sources of popularity, normalization of risk-taking behaviors, and can be detrimental to mental health.”

Claude Mellins,
Columbia Mailman School of Public Health

“We’re the product. Our attention is the product being sold to advertisers.”

Justin Rosenstein - The Social Dilemma

A longitudinal study of several thousand adolescents indicated that their level of social media usage was a significant predictor of their depression levels over the course of 4 years. For every increased hour spent using social media, teens show a 2% increase in depressive symptoms.

Elroy Boers,
PhDAssociation of Screen Time
and Depression in Adolescence

Be authentically you

You shouldn’t have to compromise on how you wish to present yourself online. Troo provides multiple profiles under one account, each color coded and customizable with their own feed, friends, and supporters. Explore your interests and identities without logging out!

Prioritizing mental health

Our business model doesn’t rely on addiction which is why there will be no more endless scrolling through AI-optimized feeds and no more letting likes and follower counts dictate self worth. With chronological feeds free from ads, and timers to help you step away, give your mental health a break with Troo.