About Troo

It’s time for a platform that actually serves its user base. Troo is the safe and healthy alternative to traditional social media, ready to drastically improve your online experience.

Being human means being social.

We see that as a virtue and not to be manipulated for profit or taken advantage of. Many of us have become desensitized and see trading personal privacy for access to these social spaces as just another "necessary evil”.

Our values


We will always put your needs first, in everything we create, and open up spaces that encourage respect and understanding.


We are providing a reliable platform that follows through on our intentions and strives to maintain accountability and integrity.


We understand the importance of belonging and will be developing a digital environment that supports its communities.

Our mission

We are dedicated to providing a safe space to inspire community through ethical social media. Rooted in empathy, respect, and support, Troo works closely with our users to create a truly safe and welcoming online environment.

How we’re different

Meaningful interactions

We believe in purposeful engagement and our goal is to help you maintain friendships and facilitate making worthwhile connections.

Safe and secure

Many of us have unfortunately become numb to corporations selling our data. Here you can rest easy knowing your information is protected.

Mental health focused

No one should have to fight to stay relevant or be force fed mindless or depressing media. We are doing away with addictive algorithms once and for all.

Nurturing self-expression

We encourage creativity and individuality by refusing to participate in using harmful algorithms to decide your content's visibility.

Empowering and uplifting

We intend to amplify the voices of marginalized communities and help them to rightfully feel both seen and heard.

Our team

Kelsang Dolma (she/her)

UX Designer

Hi there! I’m Kelsang, a self-taught UX/ UI Designer, with a BA in Information Technology. I believe in creating systems that work well for the user while also keeping business needs in check. When not thinking about design, my hobbies include photography, learning a new language, traveling, and video editing.

Morning beverage:

Milk tea

Song on repeat:

The Adults Are Talking by The Strokes

Megan Flagg (she/her)

UX Designer

I’m a UX designer with a background in higher education and the arts. I am passionate about creating inclusive, intuitive experiences for customers and collaborating with people to solve puzzles. When I’m not at my computer, you can find me running around with my dogs, relaxing with a good film, or planning my next trip.

Morning beverage:

Earl grey green tea

Song on repeat:

Superstition by Stevie Wonder

Ilmaa Haque (she/her)

Product Manager

I’m Ilmaa (one i, two a's). I have a background in UX design and research, leadership, and education — which all combine to help me propel Troo's mission! In my free time, I enjoy contributing to non-traditional scholarship, like Yelp and Letterboxd, as well as playing Animal Crossing and petting my Nebelung named Kaju.

Morning beverage:

Stok medium roast cold brew with chobani oat vanilla oatmilk

Song on repeat:

Take Me Home by PinkPanthress

Lucy Lee (she/her)

UX Designer

Hi, I’m a UX Designer with a passion for creating compelling experiences. I like to look at how people interact with everyday products and search for opportunity gaps that can make their day even better. When I’m not in front of my computer, I like to go on a drive or bake with my family. Our next goal is macarons!

Morning beverage:

Iced americano

Song on repeat:

Sunday Morning by Hamzaa

Michael Nicholas (he/him)

Founder & CEO

Hello! I’m the founder and CEO of Troo Co. I started working on Troo because I think we deserve a better option than what current platforms offer for connecting with each other and sharing content. When not working on Troo-related stuff I enjoy playing my guitars, learning languages (I’m currently learning Korean), and reading.

Morning beverage:

Ethiopian coffee (french press)

Song on repeat:

Spellbound by Siouxsie And The Banshees

Jiawei Yue (he/him)

UX Designer

Hi there, I am a bear from north China. I like to explore the world, enjoy cooking food, play golf and snowboard. Transitioning from graphic design to UX because I think design is more than just the look or feel. Design should be a solution and make the world better. I enjoy the process of UX from research to the solutions and iterating.

Morning beverage:

Black coffee or green tea

Song on repeat:

Deep Ocean, Wide Sky (海闊天空) by Beyond

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Our advisors

Jessica Groopman (she/her)


I am an advisor to Troo, and a technology analyst focused on societal implications surrounding a wide array of emerging tech and business models. I am currently the Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Intentional Futures. Prior to that, I led research and strategic advisory at several tech research firms, including my own.

Kimberly Sommers (she/her)


I am an advisor to Troo and a licensed psychologist. I work primarily with college students as a therapist and educator. I am passionate about mental health, wellness, and social justice. I joined the Troo advisory board to provide insight and feedback about the relationship between mental health and social media. 

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